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1Md. Ziaul HaqueTalked Again
2Arun Majiকিভাবে সিংহ পুরুষ হতে হয় / প্রবন্ধ (How To Become A Lion)
3Mario,Lucien,Rene OdekerkenDeath
4Practicing PoetessPlease Hold My Heart
5johannes lewinskyShe Read To Me
6Muzahidul RezaObserving
7Richard SchumacherImpermanence
8Akinbile GabrielThe Dark Feelings
9Md. Ziaul HaqueThe White Ray [nursery Rhyme]
10Nancy NalbandianOh Mirror
11Martin MooreThe Rock Corpse Of Kilfarrasy
12Sister FrancesLove Is...
13Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)Sonnet For The The Ever Sleeping
14Martin MooreThe Shadow
15Edward Kofi LouisF. A. I. S. A.
16RAJAT GHOSHএকলার ছড়া
17Ray Lucero'Old Man In The Mirror'
18Edward Kofi LouisI Am Very Sorry!
19Nudershada CabanesI Want To Know
20Subhas Chandra ChakraWar - 01 (Haiku)
21Guhapriyan V.DGone Are The Days
22FABIYAS M VMy Illiterate Mother
23Irina UtkinaTiny City
24Damien WayneBroken Mirror
25Nassy FesharakiThe Third
26Hasmukh AmathalalDesertion In Love
27Mark OtienoIn My Dream
28Mark OtienoWhen You Were Here
29Arvind AnathakrishnanTravellers In Life's Journey
30Eziudo Michael NwachukwuYou Got Me Cold
31WES Vogler(limerick) Early Days With Oogie #240
32Mark OtienoLonely
33Benjamin WichePleasant Spell
34Mark OtienoThe Girl That Stayed
35Hebert LogerieToday, The Moon Trumps The Sun
36Glen KappyTiresmith
37Adeosun OlamideRemains
38Odysseas Zervos~θ' Αλλάξω~
39Glen KappyHappy New Mexicans Or Not In Indiana
40Ramesh T AUnique Friendship!
41Hebert LogerieBlaming Time That's Passing Like An Eclipse
42Gio MasseratiRemember Me By Gio Masserati
43John AckermanVerses From The Heart Part I
44Irina UtkinaBlooming Stars
45Gio MasseratiAll We Ever Do Is Say Good-Bye By Gio Masserati
46Kostas LagosSwatting Flies Senryu
47Francis DugganCompassionate
48Barry MiddletonHigh In The Hills
49RIC S. BASTASALook Antonia
50Nidhi AgrawalOnly At Night