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201Dr.jawaz JaffriYou Needn't Kill Me with Weapons
202Biswa Ranjan NayakThe Giraffe
203Dr.jawaz JaffriNow Soot Will Blacken
204Margaret Alice SecondMy Own Heart [rev]
205Dr.jawaz JaffriCombatants Stand In Ranks
206Andy BrookesCats Cradle Calling (C.W.T.M.)
207Gajanan MishraTo Each And Every Man
208Dr.jawaz JaffriPeace and Love for Me Are Forbidden
209Dr.jawaz JaffriAvarice to Overcome a Meek Grain
210Paul Gerard ReedWords For Autumn
211Dr.jawaz JaffriWe Learn How to Live Alone
212Gajanan Mishraତରତର ହେବେ ଯଦି ଏ ଶବ୍ଦଗୁଡାକ
213Dr.jawaz JaffriBefore The Last War
214poet virginus ndubuisiInfants
215poet virginus ndubuisiThe Angels
216Gajanan MishraThis Drama
217Muzahidul RezaThe Oppressed Souls And Dense Air
218Nudershada CabanesThe Hands Of Fate
219Colin Ian JefferyWhen Love Spirals Away
220Sumita JetleyReasons, I Do Not See Much
221Avik Datta GuptaDiamonds And Dust
222Peter S. QuinnSong
223Peter S. QuinnSong...
224Iviwe ImithandazOWords Of A Broken Soul
225Margaret MoranLest Our Differences Become
226RoseAnn V. ShawiakMeasure Of Peace And Love
227RoseAnn V. ShawiakEvil Is Harsh
228Satish VermaMy Angst
229Lamar ColeDrunk
230Daniel BrickNight Into Day
231Edward Kofi LouisOne Family
232RoseAnn V. ShawiakListening To Wonder Of Life
233John SenseleBaskets Of Bliss
234RoseAnn V. ShawiakAccurate Historic Facts
235Barsha KumarA Yearning!
236Colm BreathnachThrough The Speckled Land
237Robert Murray SmithDig Up Poems
238Colm BreathnachIf you could see her after drinking wine
239Robert Murray SmithDusty Poems
240Sase vardhniIs Life Rewindable? , If Is It So?
241Cynthia BuhainBaelloThrough The Door Of Words
242Edward Kofi LouisA. S. O.
243Margaret MoranWhen We
244Geoffrey FafardBrass Tacks.
245RIC S. BASTASAUp There If You Mind Are The Stars
246Laju E. OyewoliHer Beautiful Smile
247Sase vardhniOde To Power Cut
248Martin MooreCarna
249Martin MooreDispossessed
250Martin MooreFreedom From Within