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401Brian JohnstonPh: Love: Adventures With Paul
402John AckermanSome Say Love
403WES Vogler(limerick) Early Days # 239
404Frank Davis, Sr.Motherly Consolation
405Robert Murray SmithRevelation Of Nothing
406Paradis WinsletHeros
407Is It PoetryThe Last Drop Of Alcohol
408Kumarmani MahakulInspect Self By Inner Light
409Aqua Flower (The Princess is)Life's Gift
410Luo ZhihaiMellow
411Madrason writerVolhardend
412Smoky HossSmoking With My Dead Father
413Francis DugganThe Past Now Is History
414Madrason writerMen Ondermijnd Zandlopers
415Francis DugganIn The Moonlight
416Luo ZhihaiThe Soprano
417Francis DugganAbove The Old Fields Where The Araglen Flow
418Kumarmani MahakulGoodness Is Gained
419Francis DugganWhere I First Looked
420Madrason writerEvolutiekanalen
421Francis DugganWay Beyond Me
422John AckermanThe World Turns
423Francis DugganIt Is Said That All Things
424Kumarmani MahakulFeeling Essence Of Love
425Kumarmani MahakulDay After Day
426Colm HayesWe Are Broke And We Are Bent
427Elle SmithWhat If Land
428RoseAnn V. ShawiakExercising This Spirit
429RoseAnn V. ShawiakExcursion Of Delight
430Luo ZhihaiLight Green
431RoseAnn V. ShawiakMounting Landscapes Of Time
432Luo ZhihaiLearning To Read
433Luo ZhihaiIn Senility
434RoseAnn V. ShawiakCelebrating Mom, American Style
435RoseAnn V. ShawiakRepast Of Thoughts
436RoseAnn V. ShawiakAlone In A Parlor Of Aging
437RoseAnn V. ShawiakCruel And Heartless
438RoseAnn V. ShawiakDwindling In This Life
439Hebert LogerieJe Ne Dors Pas; Je Rêve 
440Hebert LogerieI Am Not Sleeping; I Am Dreaming
441RoseAnn V. ShawiakFeeling Diversity And Adventure
442RoseAnn V. ShawiakMotion Of Thoughts
443Edmund V. StrolisRed Rain
444Udaya R. TennakoonSilent Online Love
445RoseAnn V. ShawiakDelighting Minds
446Frank Davis, Sr.Uppity Animals
447RoseAnn V. ShawiakImagination In Full Bloom
448Genova Maaa my motherBeing Not Doing Is The First Aim Of The Mystic.
449RoseAnn V. ShawiakInner Intuition
450RoseAnn V. ShawiakAttuned To Mysteries