I Am From - Poem by Kaddie Jo Sigman

I’m from my mother pain
From the corn fields down the street
I’m from my sister’s laugh from the love that we share
I’m from my Fathers love from go have fun and son what are your intentions with my daughter
From be carful and don’t get caught
To getting caught and being dangerous
From my Brothers smelly farts
From my grandma’s homemade pie
To my Grandpa’s homemade house
From long walks down the road
And evening swims in the lake
From four wheelers and tractors,
To gates open at 6 and mud flies at 7, muddy trucks and muddy cloths, with braids in my hair to braces on my teeth
From long fishing trips and rainy hunting days
With smiling faces
From the stories of my family
To the memories we made

Poems by Kaddie Jo Sigman

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