I Am - Poem by Kaddie Jo Sigman

I am the rose that grew in concrete
I remember some of the beauty you brought
Out of souls and into the light
In a newborn stillness
You wrote your life honestly
And feared the response
I carried that calm with me like a small stone
And into the Light Forever
Forward, Backward, and Around in Circles
I am the hole in your jeans Strong but Torn
I remember when words started flowing
They came Out as Tear Stains on a page
Let the Words Flow, Flow like the River
I am not the Writer But I am The Ink
And Into the Light Forever
My Hands hold the stories of my Family, if you really want to hear a country fiddle, you have to listen Hard
We were riding through frozen fields in a wagon at dawn, a red wing Rose of Darkness
From pictures of the Past lost but still remaining
When I look at the Sky now I look at it for you
And Into the Light Forever
The Winds of heaven mix forever, with a sweet emotion
I am thought you can’t stop an Idea you won’t forget an experience you will live again
And Into The Light Forever
We go On and On
Four nights will quickly dream away the time
He gripped her had so that life should not drag her from the moment
I am a secret waiting to be found
A love that never dies
Safe and sure forever and ever
And Into the Light Forever

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