Love - Poem by Kaddie Jo Sigman

My hands love you love that tingling feeling they get when you hold them in yours
My dreams love you love the feelings you create
My cut off jeans love you when there frays blow in the cool summer breeze
The words I write love you for you make there meaning more real
My hair loves you loves the way you run your fingers thru it
My soul loves you loves how you complete me how you are my other half
My back loves you and the way you rub it making the pain I feel into love for you
My trampoline loves you loves all the time we share on it laughing at stupid things
My phone loves you every time you call just to say hello beautiful
My little sister loves you for who you are
My eyes love you every time they see your sweet face
The pants I ripped doing flips on the trampoline love you
My eyes love you when you sing to them, even if you are off key
My lips love you love the soft feeling of them on yours
My dog loves you loves the way you play fetch with her for hours in the front yard
My mom loves you love the way you call her mam even when she tells you not to
My ass loves you every time you smack it and make it hurt
My Dad loves you loves the way you shake his hand and call him boss
My heart loves you loves the way you make its blood pump faster
My muscles love you love the way you challenge them
My mind loves you loves the way you make it think
Most of all I love you

Poems by Kaddie Jo Sigman

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