Problems Of Indians - Poem by Vaishnavi Singh

Workers: We sweat in the day
awake in the night,
Body pains, muscles strains,
All this for a two square meal per day.

Farmers: We work hard with our hands,
not for us but for the first-class brands,
But we are compelled to
kill ourselves with our own hands.

Women: We look after the home,
take care of everyone,
But what is this storm?
Respect we get from none.

Students: We struggle to study
Work to pay
What's this buddy?
Corrupt are our results, we say.

Politicians: No problem, No problem, No problem,
You will have to cry
if you 'vote for me'.
Your mind will dry
if you 'vote for me'.
Its all for you pleasure
Please 'vote for me'.

All these are general ones,
How many times will our life will turn,
When will a sun will come
where the darkness will run,
When will the good win over the bad,
When will the people never be sad
When will the people unite and say,

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