Her Name Is Hope Mother Of Grace - Poem by J. Matthew Thacker

angels winged grace
today pain is what I embrace
forever my hope is gone
and I know I am wrong
but I need to kill
to drink from their necks
I know its a sin
but you dont know were i have been
hate that comes from my own kin
I scream never again
but i am stuck within this hell
Anger, the name rings a bell
he is the one who killed my hope
Now she is just a word.
A name some girl will get, she will die tomarrow
no one will know but me i will see
i will be there i will care
i will show them her grave
her name carved in the stone
i will say go
go and know thy sin remember you sin
forget and i will tell you of him and HIS very own sin
I will leave you in the same exact place where you cut her out of me.
Her name is hope
her daughter is grace

Poems by J. Matthew Thacker

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