The Truth - Poem by Jon Treloar

It's a cold harsh world my friend
red in tooth and claw
Ready to remind you, yet again
Each time you step from your door

It's easy to forget this certainty
To go bury your head in the sand
i forgive your trusting naivity
After all, you're just a man

It's hard to face the darkness
To be utterly and truly alone
It strips you stark, to madness
No love, No life, No home

But we can get the world we want
If we look her square in the eye
As long as you are with me my friend
Together by my side

i know now to trust again
To make a brand new start
It's you that I believe in now
My Love, My Life, My Heart

It's you that gives life meaning
it's you that makes me care
The ground you walk I worship
You are my only prayer

You are my whole reality
Everything that I wish to know
You give me peace and sanity
And Love, And Life, And Home

Poems by Jon Treloar

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