On America's Honor: Food - Poem by warner treuter

Hello, Mr. Tanagier
I said to my neighbor one fine day,
Stocks still doin' it for ya ok?
His face lit up like a sunshine ray.

Ain't made so much since Aunt Bee died.
What am I into? You can ride.
Sure, there's room for all in Food.
I'm out of Philip Morris for good,

Except the bit that's owned by all
Big companies that never fall.
It's not that Cigarettes was bad,
In Food more money's to be had.

Now, people say that chemicals
Are being put in food that kills.
Would we do that? They said the same
When we ran the tobacco game.

But they kept on buying, that's the proof
Of what's right. Profits through the roof!
Now there's so much bickering
I choose to invest in a better thing:

Food! and you can trust us to
Deliver what is best for you.
If it's American, what's good -
On my tobacco-man's word - is Food.

Poems by warner treuter

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