Everything Counts - Poem by Benjamin Wiche

Everything in life counts, life is all about settling accounts, I can't deny what is mine, a man can only become great when his talent is not silent, you remain hidden if you're not purpose driven, learn to start where you are, if you must go anywhere, speak to inspire not for others to despair and retire, rage takes away courage from those you tend to encourage, don't live in anger, if you must be a hanger, you'll remain acceptable as long as you're flexible and reputable, if you hardly forfeit, you'll hardly benefit, sit back and learn if you want to earn, you'll miss the harvest of honour when the day of sowing you ignore, a man who sow, hardly borrow, one way or the other we are all searching for something, how can a man succeed when he never plans to proceed, men feel shame and pains when their children they fail to train, don't let peoples censure give you pressure, they only criticize to see you paralyze, your word is the signature that will govern your nature and structure your moral stature, never forfeit your peace for things that will break you in piece, understand you vision before starting a mission, for the arrow never returns once it leaves the bow, be careful of the deed you sow, do things wright, remain strong and never go wrong, its hard to design solution where there is much confusion without information, to avoid calamity in life, find out all you should know before pledging loyalty.... Benjamin'st.cool'

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