Life Phase - Poem by Benjamin Wiche

Life is like a stage,
It has different usage,
To understand its message,
Don't stop at the first page,
Mind what each day pick,
The years will one day speak,
Don't be intimidated by the greatest,
You can be the latest,
You alone can choose the way to go,
Being responsible for what you sow,
Time has no best friend,
There is no need to pretend,
You have to be strong,
To dance to the rhythm of this song,
can't get the taste in your mouth,
you'll wonder what its all about,
knowing what you stand to reap,
You'll work without sleep,
See existence like a contest,
You'll understand life's quest,
For you to quench your thirst,
You must have water first,
Remember you're a passer by,
Be the best you can be before you say bye....

Poems by Benjamin Wiche

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