Only Love - Poem by Dacia Willson

Persuading smiles conceal what’s beneath

When inside all that loiters is self-pity, with no hint of relief

Warped reality whimpers through veins

Hypnotizing minds, enthralling the young, manipulating until we crumble into something inhumane

Only love can save us now

Electric flowers once elegantly painted the world with pulsating color

Now pruned by darkness, like a blood hungry warrior in armor

Immaculate doves once soared with purity

Now crows venomously screech, demeaning sincerity

Only love can make a change now

Built upon a foundation of lies

barriers crumble when fate is defied

The criticism of imperfections filter through heads

Tormenting young girls with low self-esteem, at night, nocturnal in their beds

Only love is a comfort now

Fidelity is oppressed by lustful hearts

Impulsive behaviors shredding devotion apart

The splendor of the rose surrenders as the petals detach

like a fallen angel with punctured wings they descend, by the devil they are snatched

Only love restores now

Unfairness disdainfully caresses fragile souls

Childhoods are smothered from the sins of parents exceeding the young's control

Resistance to wickedness scampers, wallowing in distress

Penetrating thorns are all that remain when the waxen eye gazes upon the rose it will no longer impress

Only love bids hope now

Hearts of crimson, tainted with charcoal

Desperately seeking out goodness in which they can console

Violently being thrashed in all directions, struggling to cling to the root of beliefs

For love is the solution, evil the thief

Only love can save us now
But when, where, how?

Poems by Dacia Willson

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