In The Second Building To Your Left - Poem by Zac Wittstruck

The first thing you may notice
when you scream at the engineer
on the first flight of stairs
in the second building to your
left is that

he is not looking in any direction
in particular - in relation to the
painted grass of tomorrow's yesterday
in fact
his ears are naked
and his blatter is full
of blatant sex offenders

racing toward the sidelines
to avoid being rushed into
making a rash incision
of microscopic proportions
that must be confronted with
blind accuracy and slightly above
average speeds towards
the future of absolutely
medicinal technologies
and meanwhile

his wife is eating out
at a Chinese restaurant
with a Native American
who is capitalized
and in many ways
overzealous in nature
not only of his own
stature but also
in his ability to
climb statues.

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