Muffin Coffee - Poem by Zac Wittstruck

Would you like a refill? Perhaps
a muffin coffee while you're gone?
On your right, down the hall, there
is a bathroom. Several weeks ago,
quite a few bees were addressed
actually for their account that must
have had discrepancies in folklore.
They were saying there were topics
I asked, but I was straying from
my will. The driver personally kind of
delayed the shipment, maybe; there was
an issue they must have had in stock,
but liquid creamer packets were kept small,
they usually do. In powder, the
half and half may only have creamer.
As I was saying, I'm certain the sugar
was poured in the coffee right away. The
business account in your personal discrepancies
have appeared to just get to it. No?
Just as well, the inconvenience I am
causing you on short notice surely
meets with generous sayings.

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