Preventative Decisions - Poem by Zac Wittstruck

The grief stricken chickens started the night playing the piano upright while the noose wearing
goose talked himself into a truce. His inferior choncha played a trick on his pubic region and elaborately and repeatedly banged the toms. The black gongs fell through the trampoline as there were haphazard plants scattered all throughout the garden. Hose remnants played a part in the vanishing of the elk from the desert in the year 1843, but this was also when the president of the trash bugs claimed a giant gear-shaped robot bug as the village pet. The story began when the boy telling it fell asleep, but the class was able to determine and undermine the motivation of the antagonist, who was his own mother, into pulling her finger. The church felt up the mass quantities of junior mints inside the blanket of post-its and the salvia reaching the outskirts of many moons of flavor. I hope he grows up, the plants said to the mushroom, who was stewing over whether or not to buy the new gameboy.

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