A Happy World - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

the little boy inside the box
is about to get mad, and prelude to this madness,
he fabricated a nail
and a hammer, and then
he made a hole in one corner
to first see light,

the little girl outside hears the noise
opens the box and sees the little boy who is pale and still blinded
with so much light

the little girl laughs at the pale and fragile creature

you expected that they will soon like each other and play in the garden

the reverse happens, the girl hates the boy for he was never like her
by all means

she closes the box, the boy has no means of breathing
and eventually dies of asphyxiation

it is a sad ending of course,
but both of them are happy in their own ways,

the state with which the boy is in, he has only one wish, and that is
to die, and the girl who does not need any company, has given it to him.

that is tragic, and that is what you really wanted.
now you are happy too.

you get what you wish.


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