First World Wonder - Poem by Wale Smyle

The first thing I set my eyes on
After the great journey of beyond
Then I see the setting sun
Wish I should die young
But your love fueled my living on
You taught me how to walk
Why will I miss my step?
You taught me how to live my yesterday, today and the days ahead
On my infant bed
You sing me lullaby I will never forget
You taught me how to talk
Why won’t I find my voice?
You are the good in me
Why would I be bad?
Through my ups and down
You never back out
At tender age, you quench my thirst with the stream of life on your chest
Which I value than a treasure chest
Of all the great world wonders
You are my best
The best I cannot compare with the rest
You served me with the best years of your life
You forgone all the luxuries of life
Just to see me rise
Against all odd
You paid the price
Let the sun come in the night
And the moon brighten the day
Let the sky falls
Till the end of the world
I will forever love you mama

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