Am I Not Who I Am? - Poem by Wale Smyle

Let the three elders that know the secrets to the three pence
Hearken to my words
Let them dash from three thousand miles
And answer to my questions of life
It’s your tercentenary
You’ve been with the wisest of the wises
You’ve been with the most foolish of the fools
With the wisdom of the wises
And the foolishness of the fools
I demand answers to my questions of life
Why am I trying to live when am living to die?
I sailed seven seas
I traveled many miles
But death is inevitable
It pity not the wretch of the poor
Or accept the bribe of the rich
The lazy die so the agile
The white, the black also die
The high and the low
The leaders and those that follows
Death I know nothing about
Try to comprehend its go of the spout
Why should I hustle when there is destiny?
Que sera, sera
They say what will be will be
Why this nasty dreams?
Just want to be me
The more I try the more I turn to me
I am a dreamer
But when will I stop having this nightmare?
To the promise land
How do I get there?
What you will bring?
I guess I will never know
Am I not who I am?
When 'I' keep telling 'MYSELF' to do this
But 'MYSELF' want to do something else
Now 'I' is mad at 'WE'
'ME', 'MYSELF', and 'I' as forgot who 'WE' really are
All the things I know
Am learning them again
The long achieve goals
Are wash away in the rain
The falling sky
Who will bear the pain?
That ravishing smile
When shall I see you again?

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