A Little Princess Looks For A Pretty Love - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

I know nothing of her Except that this little princess looks For a pretty prince anywhere Simply because, She said that she got tired looking for pretty princes of love for her, She is a poor girl Simply because she does not know anything about love and its lovers Anywhere and everywhere, She never experienced love anywhere and everywhere, so She is totally sad and unhappy, If she falls in love, without knowing it or experiencing it, then It will be a disaster for her, Love is a different world Which we might enter it easily, but We don't know if we manage it or if we fail it, This little princess of love is very poor simply she needs To stick to her school's desk with her classmates instead of entering A differnt world that is totally too much for her, In our life, We never get things easily simply because We need to come to different stations, If that princess of love falls in love, then She has no choice, but to go forward either To experience it or to fail in it, Life becomes hard and cruel if someone falls or fails Simply because things are not easy, Going to love anytime is not a picnic or a walk, but It's a real test to the abilities of a human being, Starting a new life of a new love is a great thing Because entering without full knowledge or great experience Will inevitably lead to horrible results and an unexpected outcome, So it's too early for a little princess of love to slow down in life While pursuing any entrance of love or any exiting anytime because They say entering to a place you don't anything about is not like Exiting from it anytime.

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