Faery Folk - Poem by R K Summers

When we are sad,
The sky falls, and rain thrashes down
Like the drumming of war

When we are pleased,
The glow of sunlight is ten thousand candles
High in the firmament

When we are afraid,
The earth rumbles with thunder
And lightning slashes the sky like knives

When we are thirsty,
We are sated with the gushing rivers
That divide our wild wood homes

When we laugh,
Our mirth echoes through the trees
Hiding behind the thundering of deer hooves

When we are cold,
We are lent the feather wings of birds
To shiver and sleep away the chill

When we are in love
There is such a shuddering in the ground
That the land quakes and trembles

When we perish,
The sea rises up like a great beast
And devours the coast

And often time
When you look up on cold, clear crystal nights
And you witness the blue shivering stars
Flicker and wink on their blanket of velvet black
That is when we are born.

Poems by R K Summers

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