Fiction And Storytelling - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Just an observation...

Literature can change the world
I believe this to be
Indeed, words have made significant impacts in history
One of the more flexible means is fiction
It's lack of rigidity and constriction allow you to go where you want to go
No limits...
I believe anything to be possible and everything to have potential
Whether you decide to create a story about one stuck in
Society's 'cage' or nature and fantasy
Just as long as you are able to express your message
It's a success
For instance... I can recall an observation a year or so ago
I had a revelation about... society
My spirit was heavy when I learned of some youth
On the tube
That became casualties of senseless violence
And though I wasn't involved or connected to the situation in any way
I was moved from silence
I felt as though there were larger forces at work
This event was thousands of miles away from me
But I felt as though we are all affected
And just as guilty for not speaking out
These things matter in
Our communities
Proverbs chapter twenty and verse three came to me
And I believe that's around the time I really started
To look into the spirituality
For verses like these were not the means to destruction
But for harmony
I saw a fictional individual stuck in the darkness of society
From a product of the 'stereotypical' lifestyle to a person functioning aside from evil
Aside from satan
I felt as though it encapsulated one of the major problems in society
And offered a solution
Though it be one not for everybody
It's like... hopefully someone could use that to positively progress in this negative world
So, to me, it was an success
Though I can't see... still I know it connects
That's why I say
Fiction is a wonderful tool to use
It doesn't have to have a message and storytelling doesn't have to have a deeper meaning
But if you fo have a message
It doesn't matter how you get it out...
But do it

Influenced 'Any Fool Can Start A Quarrel' poem

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