Love And Dreams Are Lights... Sometimes - Poem by Dexsta Ray

An age is full of stones
Owning human
Not subduing wrong
Prompting us to move along
Maybe in the ball of such discordance
Rest a smaller key
People born for this
The dungeons follow thee
Out, about, the spout, along the route we found a mound of doubt
Counting now
The rainfalls
Do accrue endowing clout
Stop going
Even pigeons have to rest
'But the ants don't'
They tell them
'And it's true' they responded, 'Sooner death though'
They tell them love is knocking
Are they sure it wasn't next door?
And I ain't trying to stop it
I'm astounded by the
The mind is like a socket and the heart is what affects growth
I'm sick of hitting rim and still I
Veer towards the
Next goal
Miss a bunch of shots and common sense
Will tell you 'Heck no'
'Net is not your calling' 'What is this? ' 'Buddy, let go.'
Accurate? Well, probably
But it's then when the regrets flow
Never saw it dropping
Love just blocking like connect four
Funny how the problems turn to options that oppress souls
Love is extra starry but the dark
To see…
Is just strong

Poems by Dexsta Ray

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