Demeter - Poem by R K Summers

You're like a Samaritan, when I'm lying in the dirt
You stop and help me to my feet
Brush me off and say
'there, now, all better! '
You're like the foundations of my castle
Steadfast, sturdy and proud to hold up something
That would crumble to the ground without you
You're like a flower that blooms in adversity
A blossom that braves the face of winter
And comes back even stronger 
You're the oasis in the middle of a burning desert
Cool, welcoming, eager to be there
To help
To comfort
This is my heartfelt apology
I know it isn't much
But the sorrow I feel for hurting you
Could shatter that castle
Could wither that flower
Could dry up that oasis
But I don't think that'll stop us
Because we can rebuild the castle, replant the flower and find another oasis
Please don't fly away
Because I don't think you know how much I'll miss you
You're my shield, my protector, my mother
And I'll love you forever and ever
Even if I don't always say it
I hope you know I always feel it

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