Nature - Poem by Karabo 4513

Your beauty fills my heart with joy as my mind sings with thoughts, thoughts of curiosity,
Wanting to know where this two way car track leads me, the path is big but as you look forward looks small like there is something that waits of you. Your mystery attraction resembles in my eyes, my eyes wanting to see what lies after the white mist that covers the secrets of your forest.
My eyes are being caught with the beauty of the green trees and leaves, the leavers are being protected by the long stems of the tree. As one walks through your parliament the scent of the fresh tree and leaves welcomes. Butterflies rejoicing the good nature you provide from the peace and warmness of your heart.
You have become their honorable mother nature, as they fly with no fear beautifying your compound with their beautiful colors. When the sun blazes you with its beautiful sun rises reflecting in the trees and leaves. Your beauty is admired by families living their homes to come and camp in your presence. Who can resist you, who can say no to the Mystery Forest that is a home to every living thing. The big heart you carry welcomes every animal, plant and human to claim the piece and yet you still smile back. The cruel try cutting down your tree, but you still rise again with new leaves. Others claim you as inherit and stir let them be.

Karabo Z Moseki

Poems by Karabo 4513

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