Books Are My Addiction - Poem by R K Summers

Books are my addiction
And literature my high
I love to sit and read the words
That make me touch the sky

I do not get the munchies
I do not sit and weep
Unless I read the biography
Of the actress Meryl Streep

Books are my addiction
I’m helpless to resist
My collection ever growing
And unable to desist

I can hide behind the pages
That are yellowing and old
I ignore the world around me
And forget what I’ve been told

I have no interest in eating
I’ve lost my appetite
Just one more page I turn
And I swoon in fast delight

Because books are my addiction
I’m forgetting how to live
I’m getting lost in Wonderland
I hope you can forgive

It’s funny how these pages
Can seem to suck you in
The pages turn, the words “The End”
Just means another to begin

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