I Miss You Mom - Poem by Joey Beighley

Fifty years have come and gone
A long and wonderous life
Pain and pleasure she had plenty of.

Do not cry over me when I am gone,
so she said with her last breath,
Cancer took her life, cut it short.

The hair lost and the weight gained
she dealt with well
Even the day when she when fell,

Leaving those she loves the most
saying goodbye and shedding tears
I will miss you all, I have no fears

Her pain and her sorrows are gone
last words are finally said
Spread my wings and sing my song

No more hurt no more tears
no more kemo no more doctors
No more needles and no more fears

April 5th was the day she left
the death rattle with every breath
Lord god has taken her to him

Fifty years has come and gone
Life was dear to her
No more tears to shed, I promise you.

Poems by Joey Beighley

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