National Pride - Poem by Paul Sebastian

Beneath ‘Jalung Gemilang, ' Monday mornings
School assembly, at attention, in rows standing
In green neckties, uniformed snow-white
In the fallen silence, motionless throng: a sight
Singing chorally, ‘Negara Ku, ' national anthem
Hoisting beloved ‘Jalung Gemilang' in tandem

The pride of the nation, was raised from my shoulder
Teary-eyed, goose-pimpled, scout-saluted our colours
Gush of wind waved the flag, thousand eyes, held pride
Diverse people under Yellow, Blue, Red and White: unite

Our fathers strived, for independence to be born
A place under the sun, a country, we can belong
A wealth of people, hoisting a nation
Diverse, yet one people with one vision

Our children rallying behind the clarion call
Marching together towards the nation's call
A wealth of people, hoisting a nation
Struggle to achieve One-Malaysia Vision.

Poems by Paul Sebastian

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