The Circle And Cycle Of Life & Death - Poem by Dr. Ram Mehta

The birds and the bees is a common expression
Here and there, birds build the nests
East and West they fly, and don't rest.
Birds are men and bees are women
In fact, birds are free to fly where they like
Restricted are the bees to single queen
Do spend entire life keeping her alive.
Such is an old story of birds and bees.

A bee pollinates flowers, birds spread seeds
Naturally men impregnates eggs, women give birth
Damned otherwise, sex is the key for survival.

The bees make honey, the birds eat the bees
Help flowers to grow when bees become compost
Enables the bees collect nectar produced by flowers.
Bees again make honey, the circle goes on
Entwined together to the cycle of life and death
Evidence of extinction they are considered when
Startting to disappear fast on the earth

Poems by Dr. Ram Mehta

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