The Fate Of Ancient Sourashtra Language! - Poem by Ramesh T A

Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Tamil are
Top, independent world languages..!
Prakrit is known as common man's
Language or formative language....;
But Sanskrit is well made language
Used, developed in writing classics
Just like Greek, Latin and Tamil....!

All well developed languages are
Formed out of Prakrit languages!
Maharashtri, Magathi, Goudi,
Ladi and Souraseni are five
Basic Prakrit languages of India!

Sourashtra is formed out of the
Souraseni Prakrit language....,
Which is the central language of
All the five basic Prakrit languages!

Sourashtra language was believed
To be the language of Harappa
And Mohenjodaro civilization time
And is also supposed to be the
Language of Rig Veda era of India!

Abode of Sourashtra language
Before the independence of India was
Flourishing in Sourashtra province;
After independence of India it has
Shrunk as an oasis of desert in
The western part of Gujarat State!

But due to Mohammedan invasions,
Sourashtra language has gone with
The migrating population mixing
With Marati, Konkani, Kannada,
Telugu and Tamil languages to the
Southern tip of Indian peninsula...!

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