Food - Poem by C. P. Sharma

O Food, your glory is so great,
Strength of limbs you generate.

It should be of our own choice,
Or with guileless friends rejoice.

O delicious, sweet luscious food,
Come; see all health it includes.

All guile and ill health elude,
Keep away bad mood & feud.

Nature everywhere food provides:
In plains, on plateau and hill sides.

Just as wind blows everywhere,
Savory juices all over supplies.

Food for creatures of all types,
Of high, low neck and stripe

As the food Nature assigns,
Teeth, beak & mouth design.

O food, you boost great gods’ spirit,
Morale of the brave you ever uplift.

Helped to kill nefarious Dragon,
Glorious victory over it was won.

The juices of watery food fresh,
Dissolve all superfluous flesh.

Milk & grain protect the frame,
So as I muscular power claim.

Creation, around food galvanized,
Ever wraps up and rematerialize.

Note: Inspired by Rig Veda (1/187)

Poems by C. P. Sharma

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