Death Death Life Love - Poem by cristobal Benjumea

Ive been condemed by a rainbow, everytime the cock crows

but scince you are dazleing, some easten wind shall bind you

and sice you drink the nectar of the gods and obey

but you blew me away

and the followers of me who love the windmills the ideal the future

some people just love the forests

the concious over the unconcious equals islands, trails of islands

to me lover of windmills, this spacejunk is nul and void

this lover of windmills, this lover of gods, listens to the harp

not the holes

listens to the melody

litle of what is junk on this floor has relative importance to my love tranced fantastic reflection turned fire

possitive over negative

steam that flows crystal over the stone bridge

and fountain of nymphs

me who loves to lie on flower beds

im lost im going home i was abused in front of the tv for 20 years, and i still didnt have the strength to make a move

or even the passion to love, the tres her

delicately peeling

that if you isist thats going to be you personified


into shiploads of goods

if thats what makes you happy

its warmer than the storms

transformation, in stoping at every station, to the end

i get off and have a look

rave a bit

i like the bell on the train

the wheels going round

just kidding

i love the forest, and the glorious gods that shed light on the darkness

you are lifes saving grace

a gift from god, flattering

after all to drudge or not to drudge

evil under good

allways clear horizon of ocean with blue sky

will you pluck the tree

to be or not tobe the queen of this captains heart

this captain of the foam

the manglar trees

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