Ink Eryngium - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Though nobody understand just what I'm saying
Or relate to my journey
I still believe
Yea, we
Thoughts to flourish in the midst of nothing, pinching
Sordid observations
Saying, 'more of this' and unconditioned
Talking 'bout some bacon
Sin became the
What's a man? Guns, dissension, even fighting with the hands
But this isn't close to true
Just the hate imposed on you
Though it be another
Like trap doors in a maze, and the haze
But afraid to see a change
I find my concentration being strained, chained
Even in the spirit battle, nearer, clearer prattle
Saying we understand the same
But hey
Just different channels
Knowing I ain't the only soul to peer, friends, I need,
Who's shown?
Too long a creaky path and a
Journey, misery
Still, it wouldn't be too human without the waterfalls
Writing letters to yourself just to absorb it all
Call it what you please
Falling trees
But not the redwoods, it ain't the leaning ones
That's falling, now, mislead, seeds
Drowning in the dead sea, trapped within it head deep, wondering who led me, searching for the said free
'Cause these are moments that define every essence
Display exposure, like a promise
That decline when
You tested
I guess the message ain't affected by the present, but it probably is
But ain't no way to tell unless it mean to settle something
Even if it wasn't ready
Chips and spaghetti, unpolished options, seal confetti,
'Membered words like 'apostrophe'
Ruckus and the poverty
Of money and
Unfolding sands of the prophecies, planned as if in obloquy
And that ain't even saying too much
But yet, it's too far
To just prefer the spirit truth if with a new car, sensitive to topics
I'm a sensitive topic
Like flint, perceived but still it's cracked, admit, but don't stop it
Live dropping, window seals, disrupting all the pulling
Unaware attention
Ticking tapping, pitter patter, underneath the floors
Somewhere in the doors, hidden spores
Exploitation, funny
Wild bunnies
Let them keep their feet! It doesn't save one, just a reach of satan
Superstitions are abominable, the magics and the spells
Equal hell, the occult is crazy
Catch me… eee, I'm floating into obscurity
The strings that were tied to my ankles, just broke, though joking so
The mirror breathes, as spirits leave, and fear recedes
Over take you, let the deep end, of your largest
How could any say you write like them? Light kites fly still
Tied, buckets named 'Obstacles' to hold them
Down into place
Like night, spilled darker themes that unveiled the motive of grace
Misconstruing minor phases with enslavement
Of the soul…
O, the woe, to own a love that long to end you, deep inside
Although a love, it's behind the scenes,
Resent your mind
Don't we have the rise? In every matter 'til finished
Not just to fight against the devil 'til the chatter has ended
I hoping not, most, disappointing God
Sometimes, the lost control
Ain't no holding
'Us' within the Light, for now, I come across as false but just disturbed
But everybody has it, umbrellas stop the rain
Until it burns…
But still remain, still remain, remaining firm, opened doorways to demons
In the spirit, trying to get into my soul, but it's still a whole
So I mosey on
I think it's time to find another notebook
To bleed unto, this gone
Let the devil
I made it every time, he ain't taking out the grind, don't nobody understand
How hard I'm trying, and that ain't got a thing to do with writing
I'll be doing this for my time
But the spirit battle
In-between the
Intervening eyes, seeing time, being snide, seeming kind
We defying, anything can happen but not everything, never be defined
In a different context, to be aligned
Clean design
Never panic, be rigid
Sometimes, this life is complicated, and the ones who
Understand it, probably fiction

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