In Perpetuum - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Oh synopsis?
Doggedness... our only option
Throw the topic on the projects
a moment..
the total opposite
of er... GILDED.. as children
go unto fulfilling this
Fate... relate?
For things are just beginning
Shush... the crickets
See I refuse to view the dreams decaying
I have nothing to lose and true to
Jesus' sayings...
These circumstances were perfect chances for earning standing
Rather, burning branches reverse the damage and learn some manners
Children turning
Where are the parents to handle them?
Blanded chamomile...
Still this ascetic feels the weight and every pain
From these days... and it'd never change
The devil made it seem like the problems
Were larger than they were
No matter what you
You're a target and in perpetuum
We have to keep on regardless
I used to live in blackness
Seeing back when it started... for this was meant to happen
The only mission... skip the prisons and just get established
Hoping we can fix it... so to see ascension in the families
We deserve it... so sick of hurting...
I'm determined now
Working... and up with it EARLY
I am learning how to cherish everything to the fullest extent
Look at this...
Keeping lucifer from pulling me IN
Until the
Tell my counterparts to be who they are
I can see behind the scenes and
I believe you're a star
So, I know I'm not the greatest but I'm changing for BETTER
I refuse to quit until I'm in those pages forever
I'm committed...

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