Why? - Poem by Habzy Bèzay

If I knew the truth I would have craved for your safety.
Even before you considered ending a fear to escape this world.
Now it all becomes clear right to the bottom of the pier, it makes me shed a tear,
that it can come from the unexpected and can easily become affected.

The truth is always hided beneath the heart,
then once this catastrophe happens the truth falls apart.
Why is one afraid to confide into someone?
they either tried or they lied, I know it's hard to say whats inside,
sometimes it cannot be a solution, but sometimes it can.
But somehow they still feel tied; thoughts of a suicide.

Don't think of drowning because someone's bring you down
Don't think of hanging because you think it's the best
Don't think of jumping because it's a way to get rid of all the thumping.
Don't think of any negatives, think of the positives... it could all change from a blink of an eye.

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