Saturday Morning Snuggle - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Another early morning Saturday has come
and here it is a rather chilly one.
What better way to greet this one
than to lay in bed with my lovely one
and snuggle away in each others warmth?
Nothing sweet one and I wish I could spend it
in bed with you so close within my arms.
A Saturday morning snuggle with you Kira
is what would be perfect on this early Saturday morn.

An early Saturday morning sharing sweet kisses
and smiles so big and filled with the joys of our love,
a snuggle to just focus on each other before the day starts.
An early Saturday morning snuggle with my darling Angel
where I can just wrap you up in my arms and say you are wonderful,
say that I love you and I'll never leave you.
A joyful early Saturday morning snuggle
with my beautiful precious Kira.

It's early Saturday morning and here it is quite chilly
and I wish I could snuggle with you just wrapping up
in each others arms and our endless love.
Get prepared for the day by just getting lost
in each other and the love that we share.
Kissing and talking a little while resting a bit more,
a Saturday morning snuggle with my only one
is what would be best right here and now.
That's what would always be best with you my sweet Kira.

A Saturday morning snuggle with you is what
I dream of sweet one as I send all my loving warmth to you.
As I sit here this morning with not much to do
I wish it was spent snuggling so sweetly with you.
Soon my sweet dear I know it is true
and then each Saturday morning and all
I'll spend snuggling with you so just feel my arms now
as I wrap them so warm and tight around you
and hear my voice as I say Kira you're great
and I love you more with each day.
Let's snuggle this morning in spirit and soon my sweet Kira
I'll have you here giving endless snuggles and kisses.

Poems by Michael P. McParland

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