I Wonder If It'd Work - Poem by Dexsta Ray

O, the spirit is true
The world is but a
With some infinite views
A longer course
In that it keep the mortals trapped
Like derangement
The norm perhaps
I pray we can't degrade what was written
Within His glorious lines
Rush, some disciples
Drunk on the Holy Spirit
The living revived
And couldn't help be thankful!
Seemed like I've switched up my lines
I heed a different picture
From the times I didn't get here
God's conspired greater
For the first fruits
The birth grew
Curses got reversed too
All about the spirit thing
From the Hearst…
Bow down, light life's the best
Above the heartaches and the ups and downs that keep time oppressed
And flee iniquity
A couple things to leave off your chest
We see in history
The love of things that feed off of stress
And why we put up with it…
Prayers from some whole communities, with passion
Supplicating to the third heaven
Casting down the ruses
The agendas
Smooth society of true despair
Looking for some happiness, the sadness, mean we used to care
Can you prepare?
Leading this life
Leaning on Ephesians
Scheming on a scheme in the night
To reason
Needing Jesus' reach to keep you upright
Leaving sleep to bring the meaning
Sneak the read to the Light
And deeper sights
Quick to menace
So to change everything
Because the purpose ain't contending but to bring better days
What's the point of having wisdom if the faith never blazed?
What's the point of being committed if the ways left astray?
The multifarious
The spirit
Full of various compartments
The devil try to take me out but Yahweh still is my partner
So I don't fear a thing
All the demons scram when they hear the Name
I no longer wonder if things work but when the period fades…
Fighting off the eerie curse
And for generations
All servers in the Light
Get what is deserved
One thing about this life
Just get with the
Everything happens won't suffice, just a bantam hope
Doesn't give an answer though
Ferocious as a panther
Only inner manifests on the outsides, without time, and now dying
Reawakening though, something some can only take as a joke, but that's a person's life
When it's over, understand that not a person'd side
So there's no confusion during the
Moment that the Hearst
Then the hurts subsides, I don't want to merge and thrive
Hoping I get to heaven
Even though I feel the burn inside

Poems by Dexsta Ray

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