Don't Tell Me To Chill - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I died a couple of times within this lonely life
Open up my other eyes
And, my God…
Didn't leave me, so there must had been a reason
Why I was alive
And it wasn't just to thrive
And it seems
All chains in my stone building…
The muzzled chimes
I don't want to be the cymbals
Lace me with the love
Promised to find holy light
Through open lines written
In the Bible
Ditching plights
Wicked sights
Just don't tell me to chill
'Cause I won't listen, only getting louder
I'm not society
Listen when I'm trying to speak
Ripping out the teeth of oppression
It's everywhere I look
So of course
I write about it
Just to climb up out it
From the other side of all the mountains
To a poet's confession
While annoying that single essence trying to see me down
Safe to say I'm hating
Things, chains that aim to break me, please
I could think to be deceived
By the stingy crowds
Keeping all the good of this degree from me
Forget the would, should, and coulds
Get sleep and wring
The wisdom from it, not promoting peace, I wondered
Got the scope on me, so so sweet to me
Because the conscious
Something else
Nothing felt
Up in there, is society, a form of such perspectives
Misconstruing things
Looking crazy, can't believe the way it takes me!
All I did is spoke the truth
Now they only want to see me wasted
Leaving, vacant
Eating pavement, seeing nathan, breathing nothing either
Plots and plans, another sequel
Pots and pans
Where the devil that ain't for me creep to
So afraid, I'll understand
Like I won't up the hands at a minute's notice
Only owning wicked motives
Just to get me
Apparently, I'm competition, from another planet
Not literally, or figuratively
Just steering strictly to the truth and view that I can comprehend
'Cause I don't know about the ruse
But I know about it
Ruckus land…
Funny, and, ridiculous, the views, I couldn't get with this
Standing, I'm a hypocrite
But sitting, I'm a chicken then
Focused on the vision and the mission, insignificant
Speak against the wicked's ditches
I am not a Christian then
Society's a joke…
It's a game that isn't meant to win
Don't nobody want to see a change but get benefits
Hatred is the imminent
An infinite
They get mad when their wickedness just didn't impact you!
The sin grasps to the innocence it gets from the captor
A fist's jab ain't sufficient
I commit to the Master, so I can sit and dish scripture at the midst of disaster
Sprinting out pure as gold as I grin at the camera
Just a sinner all alone in the
I peep the jealousy, I'd be darned if I see the devils teeth
Those who try you only saying…
'Please come to hell with me.'
See, they think the Lord is playing
I just pray He let them see
As I take the Sword
In hand…
Using faith more, to break doors, they can spew the poison but
They can't form, the main chord
Jesus on MY SIDE… that's the Spirit that they pray for
So the question now
Who they hearing when they say, 'Lord'?
Only blinded…
Jesus came to save the souls that's lost, not the ones who guided
Just the ones who trying to tear us down
That's the devil in them
Stir the wicked if the care around!
Asking God forgiveness
For His children and the tare abound!
If they tell me to chill
I'll prepare a sound, about all the hell that they hid
The despair was
I'm not an angel but I put the older chains beneath me
But yet some strangers use as a motive, aim: to chain to keep me
And still it's crazy since the folks don't pay a thing to feed me
They ain't even saying a thing about the souls who shame, deceiving
Fabricating, not seeing scripture
Degrade the needy
Proverbs fourteen verse thirty one
They refrain from
Anything that's placed in the Bible that could reshape the regions
Fully focused on faults and power… that's why the nation bleeding
So don't tell them to chill
That's just the prophecies
And not the obsolete although not heeded for the sort it is
I don't feel the stuff that I'm hearing
Like such cacography
Thinking I won't punch, though I'm fearless, you must just bother me?
See, I know the motive ain't sheerest
And that's why I'm at peace
Just a jealous touch and I'm, clearing, 'cause you just out for me!
It ain't nothing prior I done, that always been the case
I don't do implications
Only direct effort, if it ain't place into my face, let the folly move
I ain't scare of nothing, but I listen to my Father's rules, up in heaven

Don't tell me to chill...
Let me take as much time as I need
As you took as much time as you
Needed trying to destroy
What God built

This isn't really about you
This is just self expression, I feel alive again
Thank the Lord for that...

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