On Being Lonely - Poem by Sara Militello

On Being Lonely

Do you ever feel lonely in a crowd;
wonder if the laughter you hear
is as forced and desperate than real or true
as it seems to you?

Ever felt unsufficed with an old friend-
chickory-tasting a void where once
was one who shared your muse?

Known crippling indifference
in the arms of a lover? How stark that terrain!
Lived in futile hope ever more painful
ever more vain!

Have you ever endured an endless night
grudgingly pulled into the bite of alone
unable to reach for inner delight
or bask in dreams of better days?

Ever sink into a black hole too deep to efface
in a place you could not from memory erase?

If you've ever felt lonely no matter why,
you've known the darkest canopy of the sky.
How blue the sunset.
How cold the night!

Written: Dec.9,1990

Poems by Sara Militello

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