See The Two Lovers - Poem by Scharlie Meeuws

See the two lovers, soon
Morning is dawning.
Waxing and waning, the moon
Never to warn them

Where is the darkness beginning
And whereto rises the light?
Are hearts losing or winning
And is love brighter than white?

Are any words reaching higher
To touch the stars in space
Or do they extinguish the fire
Before they win the race?

The love two lovers are feeling
And may be, with passion, cling on
might one day be revealing
to have forever gone.

Floating in crystalline layers
Of blue infinity,
lovers are fearful players
In blurry vicinity.

Hoping that someone will listen
And help with answers still
In the search for a dream and a vision
They do not abandon at will.

Poems by Scharlie Meeuws

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