On Emily Dickinson - Poem by Sara Militello

On Emily Dickinson

So what's life to some but an endless wait
for the end of it, the nitty gritty futility of it?

Even as we live, death's always a lure
for none have found a suitable cure.

Emily Dickinson comes to mind
‘cause she thought and wrote and dined

on death and places where one might find
peace and quiet which eluded them in kind.

Her meanings in metaphor often show
quiet crypts buried deep and topped with snow.

Here is a style curiously free of decay
a studied minimalism few can replicate today.

Her's a style that shows in the deepest way
all things that live and die everyday.

The fewest of words capture all of life's roulette
lays it as if a casual nod on a visual palette

And things many only say in an unspoke way
through euphemism what they mean to say.

Emily's poems paint visions for us to see
all the way to peace and quiet and eternity.

October 24,2015

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