Tba - Poem by Habzy Bèzay

We begin to speak of solitude
And you say you understand me.
So mellow and peaceful.

You say it's flattering, and
knowing 'we are so alike'
Society is shattering,
And you say I'm just your type.

And I say it's meaningful,
You're the least judgemental.
We described it as 'butterflies'
And you can't bare to see
the sad look in my eyes.

It all felt like it happened overnight,
How did you think the future was so bright?
This isnt a love movie,
but it would be a beauty.
After everything explained clearly,
you already felt pained and
therefore the feelings not be retained.

I haven't been around your presence since,
But I know I won't be able to speak,
I already feel so weak.
I write in amber,
I'm confused, empty,
I still want answers,
I think in anger.

Poems by Habzy Bèzay

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