The Batch B - Poem by ALEX OGOH

Through the Batch 'B' of time
Lay the quiet breath of nature
Way to age the class of Crime
Is the inhuman 'tense of torture

Through the Batch 'B' of life
King among the dead
Sorrow Peninsula of the eye
Queen beholder of tears

Through the Batch 'B' of Love
An unending chapter
Story foretold among the god's
Is a midway disaster

Through the Batch 'B' of order
Exist the forceful force
Therein the seat of power
Lay their evil source

Through the Batch 'B' of wealth
Denial of human right
To move freely with their health
Are mostly done at night

Through the Batch 'B' of fame
The way of popularity
Playing chess of death game
None are of sincerity

In all the Batch 'B' of days
Mostly hour's full of grace
All should amend their ways
A seconds delay might add 'dis' to 'grace'.

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