Shouldn’t Be Too Late - Poem by ALEX OGOH

I’ve lived life many will love to live
I’ve done what seems normal in my world
Sin had been my closest friend
Had done the wish of devil long enough
Parent’s kids wasn’t too hard to beat
This was my most perfected life

When the day awake
Before the first cock crow
Cue of parents at my home door
Each with their heart broken testimonies
Of the deliverance I gave to their kids
These testimonies was none but of warnings

I need not an alarm to wake then
This cue of parent’s testimonies
Always my perfect timely alarm
This I believed was my most perfected life

Walking now, down the street
Seeing these kids-grown men without strict
Examining where I am with;
Where they have reach
I gulp out all my never shed tears
This my thought, perfected life
Has truly of truth ruined me

I then hope to revive my past
But a voice echoes;
Out of the river in my heart
It is too late…..

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