I Found A Home In You - Poem by Bernard F. Asuncion

I have found a perfect place
That I can call my second home;
I've finally made a decision
That I now no longer roam.

Everytime I open the door,
I feel the harmony inside;
I see the light that shines
From the beauty it cannot hide.

An endless stream of inspiration
Flows deep into my heart;
It clears my worried mind,
Yearning me not to fall apart.

The echoed voice of truth
Is running through my vein;
Wonderful words wipe away
My tears, my sorrow and pain.

The lovely look of your face
Brings an amazing aura;
My body and soul savor
The joy of life in euphoria.

I am extremely elated
By your sweet statements;
Sincere and honest as they are,
I appreciate your comments.

So grateful truly I am
For the countless words of wisdom;
Let me not forget my password,
Thank you, poemhunter.com

Poems by Bernard F. Asuncion

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