The Path - Poem by Vaibhav sagar

I still remember that day i was on the way, the path
Grassy path that was along with
pleasant morning
And so about you twinkling eyes a little wondered
Oh seemed you just finished alice in wonderland as childish
As your cheeks were and your bouncy black hair,
Way of dressing the sense was like the path of that day
I started mouthing prayer god was in front of me near
For taking me to the right path and you were my sweet angle
You smiled and came to me through that flowery path
My eyes were closed lips were fighting together
And you smiled again asking a few words and same,
before i could reply i got pinched hardly it was painful
oh it was your boyfriend coming down on my way, through path
i was feeling pricked and sun was now then under the cloud
the path was so empty i was looking for you nowhere to found.
And i turned back as you left me with the path i did the same
Now in these days i am writing the answer of the word you asked me
And from my window i was looking for the path the lost one
And of course you who never come the only one

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