In The Name Of The Game (Poem For Fc Goa) - Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

They came, they played, they conquered
not just they but the rest of all
from the organisers to the players
they made their days, their encores
and as they played, they took away
awards, money and jubilation.
How do I stand there in the audience
and watch the players of other nationalities
playing for my Goan team?
Why am I compelled to accept others
as players representing my Goa
when they are not our Goan sons,
and just because someone with money
arranges these games and sponsors them,
are we to take pride that our Goa
lost or won for complying to play
with tourist players in our Goan team
who run on the ground with no patriotism
that our Goan players would hold and have within;
how can our minds be blinded
by those who seek to shift our attention
and offer to entertain us in the name of a game?
Was it football they hoped to promote
or is it a farce or a mock wedding
we are forced to see, enjoy and feel jubilant about?

Poems by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

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