Good Morning My Sweet Angel Dove 2 - Poem by Michael P. McParland

A very beautiful good morning to you
my beautiful sweet Angel dove
and as I woke up this morning my first thought
and wish was how I wished I was waking up
right next to you.
To pull in for the tightest and sweetest hug and kiss
saying I love you sweet Kira and a
happy day of Christmas Eve later tonight.
I love you sweet lady and wish you were here
to snuggle with and watch some Christmas shows.

I'll be thinking of you as I do some reading
and later on watch the Garfield Christmas special.
I'll be sending you kisses and my warmth and love
with great big hugs to blanket you in my caring.
A beautiful good morning to you
and feel me there beside you holding you close
as you close your eyes seeing my smile and looks of love.

A beautiful good morning to you
my beautiful and treasured sweet Angel dove
may God bless you to have a good one
and feel all of my love.
I wish I had woken right here or there beside you
to pull you in saying Kira I want to be with you forever and ever,
then give you a kiss as we snuggled for awhile
so I could say many times I love you and thank you
you truly are an amazing woman.
Have a great day and I will be with you through
everything hand in hand my sweet darling.
I am your Michael faithful to you through eternity,
I love you sweet Kira you are my everything.

Poems by Michael P. McParland

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