The Greatest Show On Earth - Poem by Judith Blatherwick

Ladies and gents I would like to present
The most fabulous new show on Earth.
Please welcome the cast to perform here for you,
A production called 'Time For Rebirth'.

The Snowdrops have ushered us in from the cold,
A precursor to what you will see.
And if I may add, though I'm sure that you know,
Every year the performance is free.

Roll out the green carpet, lights, action, let's go!
You'll love what our cast have to bring.
Now raise up your spirits and give a big hand.
We are here to present to you 'Spring'!

The first to perform, without whom there's no show,
Here to undo what winter has done,
Please lift up your faces and welcome our star,
I would like to present to you - Sun!

If any performer can cause you to smile
And to bask in his glow, this one can.
He's the best in the business, I'm sure you'll agree,
He's the ultimate show warm-up man.

The Daffodils follow and trumpet fanfares
Of colour and smells we adore.
Now can I ask that you lend your support
As the rest of the cast take the floor.

Though at first they are shy and reluctant to show
These performers will shake off the gloom.
These new budding talents, before very long,
Will amaze us when they're in full bloom.

This chorus of beauties performs with such heart,
They will leave you all calling 'Encore! '.
Our next performance, called 'Summer is Here'
Is one you will all surely adore.
But that's in rehearsal, not ready as yet.
Who knows what that new show will bring.
So sit back, enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells
Of the best show on Earth! Here is Spring!

Poems by Judith Blatherwick

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