School That I Dreamed Of..... - Poem by HASNAIN AAQIB

In the lap of baby-hills

Where the green grasses grow

Where God makes nature’s show

Where we find ancient fossils.

The sacred land of holy altar

Of a God-fearing priest

To whom even bowed the beast

There stands my school; heart ajar

The flower of strivers’ garden

Who offered it their blood,

Till, with bloSsoms, did it flood

And, with letters, honoured the nation.

My school, the house of knowledge

My school, the place of worship

And the carriage for intellectual trip

And the conveyer of God’s message.

My school, my love, my pride

For my career, is a certain guide

May it blossom till the last day

Giving the best in its best way.

Khan Hasnain Aaqib


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